Maximod: A comprehensive Audio Processor for loud audio

Hello! I have coded an audio processor (mainly for broadcast use) but it may also find utility for AM and wide SSB transmissions in Amateur Radio. Here it is:

Maximod in use

This thing is a little like the famous Optimod and can create very loud compressed and clipped audio. The topology is as follows:

1.) At the input there is a high pass filter which eliminates useless low frequencies, and cuts off at around 40Hz. This is followed by a ‘phase scambler’ (all-pass filter) to aid the symmetry of the incoming audio signal. The All-pass characteristic is in the voise frequency range, somewhere around 300 Hz.

2.) The audio is then put through a 2-band input compressor, with configurable ‘speed’ set by the density control on the left. The first band for the low frequencies, and the second band for everything else, with a crossover frequency of around 150 Hz. There is also an audio gate here, which ‘freezes’ the amount of gain during pauses in input audio.

The gate can also instantly and severely mute the input below the gate threshold, set by the second slider on the left (the first is simply input gain). This is useless for broadcast use, but very useful, I have found, for Amateur Radio use in a noisy shack, and is enabled by the ‘Gate Mute’ checkbox.

3.) There is a bass boost checkbox in the next stage, a 6-band compressor and limiter with EQ. You can choose not to boost at all, or boost by 3dB or 6dB, with the centre frequency being at 60Hz or so. Probably best set to disabled for ham use.