Reliable Top Band, 80m and 160 Propagation Indicators?

Ionogram Resources For Low-Band Propagation

I’ve added some straightforward links here to Ionograms that cover the low bands as a guide to what band conditions are likely to be in the UK and in Europe, for Radio Amateurs:

UK Ionogram. Use my email address steve[at] to log in.


Choose ‘Chilton’

Leave the password blank, or type anything in the password field. (Its not required).


European Ionogram (Belgium)

No instructions required. It just works!


You’ll need to read more at the respective Ionogram home pages. Thanks to Fred, PA3BUF, for pointing these resources out to me. I’m sure you’ll find them useful in discovering the heights, densities and reflective properties of the D and F layers.

Useful indeed if you are operating from the UK or the European ‘mainland’, or if you are hoping to work this part of the world from dx-land!

I know its just a small part of the story. For example, the Auroral Belt also has a big influence. You may also find this chart useful.