Home-Brew tilt-over radio mast – 50 ft. high

By popular request, I have some more info and pictures on this monster mast I’ve been cobbling together lately… Mast at Dusk First, I’ve been asked for some more details of the hinged base thingy I’m using to allow the mast winch to tilt the whole thing over for “service position”. I’m sorry, I can’t recall the exact link (I bought it off eBay last year, so you’ll have to do your own search for it, but here’s how I have configured: tilt and crank over for mast

I have a scaffold pole stub in the ground, set in concrete (thanks Tony, G0PZX!). The tilt over base fits snugly over the pole in the ground and then a piece of scaffold is mounted in the tilt-over, that extends for some feet into the base of the scrap Rohn H50 telescoping steel mast I had laying around. The steel telescoping mast has only the first three sections remaining, so that gets us to around 20 feet by itself, when extended. Sitting on top of the Rohn base top section is a 20ft aluminium pole, half way up which is affixed the cross tree (and the second set of guys). (Shown in the service position, tilted down as much as my shed roof will allow) Looking up Ham Radio mast- homebrew

I’ve basically guyed this thing every 10 feet or so. There are some T and K brackets on the wall, but these are only used to steady the mast, rather than take the strain (most of the force, because of the guy wires, is straight down) I used the very first section, then, of a 12m spiderbeam pole as s “slip over” coupler between the 20ft pole and a further 12 ft of thick wall aluminium tubing: Coupling 2inch sections on mast together

And a closer look at how the winch steel rope affixes to the base for cranking it up to the vertical position: winch attaching to mast I took off a safety rope to get a decent shot of that!

And finally more pictures if it up in the air at damn near 50 feet. If the telegraph pole at the end of my drive is plumb, so is the mast! straight_mast_lampost Pictures at dusk so the guy-lines are a little more obvious.

Mast at Dusk

Looking up… Home-Brew Mast: upper winch profile

And finally a look up the open-wire feeder this thing supports one end of. Its HEAVY: the whole 50-odd metres of doublet is 2.5mm squared copper multi-strand, taped to a heavy polyprop catenary rope: Open Line UP

The (rather short for 160m @ about 52m total length) doublet works quite well at a distance of around 100 miles at night — for anything else, I use one half of the doublet as a slightly-longer than a quarter wave Inverted L antenna. So, hope that inspires you: on 160 tx: height is everything!