Man-made noise (QRM) on 160m at my location

Man-made noise on 160m

Hello! Just a quick update to let you know I am still alive, and active occasionally!

You might wonder why, when you hear me on top band, I’m quite often struggling to copy stations that are even as ‘weak’ as S9, especially in the south east or south west directions.

Recall that I am able to use very directional K9AY loops for receive (in fact I have two, both with modified terminations to maximize rejection at 0 degrees to help me with troublesome local noise sources).

Here’s an mp3 recording the latest crap I have to put up with, heard on the K9AYs when looking in any direction with south in it:

I first spotted this earlier in the week. Its s9+10 on the top end of 160m, inaudible on 80, and very destructive indeed on 40m. Great!

Up til now, I’ve been quite ‘lucky’ with my horizontal 160m doublet for being able to ‘listen to the sky’ with minimal QRM at night time for fairly close-in G stations. This bastard has ruined all that!

Remember that this junk is in addition to all the other shit I have to listen through, including PLT, plasma TVs, Derek the neighbour’s  asshole AquaLisa shower (that totally destroys 20m and 10m because he is too tight to fit a pull-cord switch to his shower, (its ‘on’ ALL THE TIME), thus wiping out those two bands 24/7. But its OK he says — as long as it doesn’t spoil his TV reception. And anyway, his nephew ‘knows all about mobile phones’, and reckons there is ‘nothing wrong with it’. Twat.).

So bear with me if you have to repeat your call-sign two, three, four times, or more. You might hear me very well, but who knows what shite there is for me on receive at the time!

Of course NONE of this junk should be allowed to wipe out vast chunks of spectrum — don’t you just love spectrum deregulation?

You can guarantee that when I am mobile again, once I’ve recovered a bit from recent medical procedures, I’ll be out there once again doing battle with the Eton E5, DF’ing like mad. If you don’t keep on top of these shitty QRM machines, before you know it, its 20 over 9 of interference from all directions on the low bands.

Simply not good enough! Rant over, for now…

If you sent me an email recently, I did not receive it. Try again. I have changed some settings.

Do you have a destructive noise source on the low bands? Send me a recording if you want…