Opus DirectShow Streaming Decoder Filter

Hello all, Just a quick one from me this time: I have written a DirectShow Ogg Opus Source Filter!

What does this mean? Well, many people think that Opus may be the natural successor to mp3 on the computer. As far as I know, its not been possible, up to now, to listen to the growing number of internet radio streams that are using Ogg Opus in Windows Media Player… well now you can!

Just run the installer (link below) and prefix your favorite Opus stream with opus:// instead of the usual http:// in Media Player’s File…Open URL menu! What’s so great about Opus? Well, it uses much less bandwidth for the same, or better, quality as mp3.

This means less stress on your broadband connection as you listen to an Ogg Opus stream in Windows MediaPlayer, and it also means the internet radio broadcaster you are listening to consumes less bandwidth than he would if you were listening on mp3 — that’s got to be good for the planet!

Needless to say, the decoder I’m providing here is completely free. You can download it here: Opus DirectShow Streaming Decoder Enjoy!

Once installed, this link should play in Media Player. Try it!