When and where to look for AM on 160m from Kent and Essex

Here’s where to find activity from my area of the UK on AM (good ol’ ‘Ancient Modulation’) on 160m:

UK Am Activity on top band: All times are local CLOCK times:

Sundays: 3pm -> 6pm (approx) The AMPSNET from Kent and Essex (all are welcome): 1908 khz. MC: Barry, G4FCX

Mon-Sat: 5pm->6pm (approx) Kent and Essex locals (but again all are welcome): 1908kHz, 1950kHz, 1966kHz Often present: Barry:G4FCX, John:G8STY, Owen:G0NCE, Tony:G0PZX, Me:G7KLJ, Terry:G7MIM, Chris:G4HKQ, Peter:G3ORP and many more!

After dark (UK-wide): ‘on the hour — listen or call’: 1977 khz. Often listening: Me, Les:G4EPL, Dave GW4GTE

Tip: Use a good horizontal for best UK cloud-warma effect on 1977. If anywhere near Kent or Essex, use a decent vertical for the others.

Other activity: Sometimes I try to embrace our EU AM cousins by calling CQ around 1855 or 1860 kHz (some of these dudes don’t have band allocations above 1900) If you want a sked on AM, in the UK or in Europe (or perhaps beyond!) , then use the contact form on this site to request one. I have *heard* US AM stations chatting around 1885 in the early hours, but I shouldn’t imagine this would work too often!

NOTES: If working any UK stations above 1850 kHz, we have a severe power restriction of around 10 Watts carrier into the antenna. Working full power AM below 1850 (ie a carrier freq of say 1846 or below, to account for the upper sideband) tends to make us unpopular with our European equivalents — but I still think its a valid thing to do from time to time — I *can* be tempted!!